The Aquasail Events of the week – Sat Nov 30th to Dec 7th:

30th Nov, 2013 - The CIO Regatta: 'Beat The Tide'

Client : one of the most reputed and large organizations in IT

Participants : CIOs and CTOs of top companies across industry sectors

Objective: building and deepening relationships

Achieved : great networking / a memorable never before event/ cementing relationships




The ‘Beat the Tide’ sailing challenge was one of its kind. A one-day sailing program organised at The Aquasail Sailing Centre in Mandwa – a one hour ferry ride from Mumbai harbour. The event saw select invitees spend the day in Mandwa not just experiencing the thrill of sailing but also learning the ropes along the way. In the midst of the Arabian Sea, there were very senior CIO’s/CTO’s present and there was high level of networking. World class sailing, great hospitality and some live guitar music created a unique ambience. Participants experienced world class sailing and racing. The morning consisted of an exciting group kayak racing and beach sailing. The afternoon saw an amazing competitive sailing Regatta where the CTOs all raced in teams. The competition was high and the added a thrilling spirit to the day. A wonderful barbecue lunch, warm and caring hospitality and an action day created an environment for everyone to open up, network, reach out and learn. The day ended with a ferry ride back to the Mumbai harbour with a lovely sunset in the background.

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?

Very well, enjoyed, refreshing – CIO Colgate

It was fun to have a weekend awayand experiencing the sailing which was first time for me – Manager Regional IT head Diebold Inc

Excellent!!! Head IT Fullerton

Fascinating. Head of O&T Yes Bank

Very good – GM Watson Pharma

1st Dec, 2013 – Lumieire Family Outbound

Client : Lumiere

Participants : employees and families of the organization

Objective: rewarding and celebrating the year

Achieved : a WOW feeling/ high levels of motivation and sense of being valued


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A market research company took a day off to spend with their families at the lovely scenic Aquasail Sailing Centre in Mandwa. This was for rewarding the good performances of the company’s highly efficient staff. The beach fiesta brought out the child in all. The guitarist and great food just added to the overall excellent day. There were a lot of fun racing and people bonded very well on the seas. Participants experienced different dimensions of world class  sailing with each experience being structured for the various age groups

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?

Excellent, exciting, balancing activity was a good surprise – Project Director Lumeire

A home away from home, All sailing/ water activities – PMT Schindler

4th Dec, 2013, TATA AIA

Client : Tata AIA
Participants : employees who have been nominated after a rigorous selection process for the most prestigious internal award in the company for employees
Objective: rewarding and recognizing high performance executives
Achieved: superb response where they felt highly recognized, felt they had a superb time and also learned something unique and different, motivation to achieve more and learning about team work


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Select employees from across the country and across functions gathered in Mumbai to be rewarded and felicitated. The highlight of the 2 days was the 4 hours of exciting sailing, racing and cruising. Participants not only felt privileged and rewarded – for many this was the most memorable day ever experienced. Learning’s about team work and interdependency and aligning to goals were take always for all.

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?

Its really a wonderful experience in life – Branch Head, TATA AIA

Its really a great experience full of fun – Manager TATA AIA

Thrilling and mind blowing – BA Manager – TATA AIA

Excellent, once in a lifetime experience, great – Branch Head premiere Academy – TATA AIA

6th Dec, 2013, Mahindra Finance
Client: Mahindra Finance
Nominated high performance employees from across functions
Objective : learning excellence and team work with a focus on inter dependency and synergy
Achieved : deep insights relevant to the business environment, leadership and team work. Many experienced a true AHA moment. Motivation and reward were strong additional


Mahindra 1 Mahindra 2

Mahindra 3 Mahindra 4


A focused brief helps create a structured learning experience using the powerful platform of sailing and racing. Known for its many variables and its obvious relevance to the business environment sailing and racing high performance boats brings to the fore powerful business lessons. Based on clear organization brief a setting of context created the right learning mind frame. Hands on racing brought out the realities of the business place. Variations in racing formats were built in to simulate real life situations and challenges. Hard and competitive racing helped people to acknowledge and recognize behaviour patterns, reflect on imperatives required for effective teamwork and more. Trained and experienced facilitation by Zia Hajeebhoy created the critical link between the experience and the learning. Commitments and post program actions ensure results for the organization. All participants found the learning real, deep and relevant. The fun and the excitement of course made this one of the most memorable and highly recommended formats for the future

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?


My first experience and it was fantastic. Enjoyed being at the helm and learning teamwork – Business head – Mahindra Life

Very exciting, full of fun and learning. Enjoyed handling all the multiple roles – Sr manager – Mahindra Finance

Wonderful and exciting adventure. Would love to do this again. Mahindra Finance

It was a lifetime experience. Loved changing roles and sailing against the wind direction. Mahindra finance

Adventurous and filled with fun and learning. Learn co-ordination and leading. Business head – Mahindra Finance

Amazing. Loved handling the tiller blindfolded. – Zonal Head – Mahindra Finance

It was a sonderful experience. Felt like owning a sailboat. Lobed learning about team work and the excitement of failing. – Head (Business)

Exhilarating and one of its kind. Loved the feeling of the yacht being powered by the wind. Senior Manager – Mahindar finance

Wonderful experience – got a lot of practical lessons on team work and execution and excellence. Close to real life situations at work. Business head – Mahindra finance

5th Dec, 2013 – India Value Fund Regatta

Client : India Value Fund

Participants : CEOS and top management of investee companies

Objective: networking/ sharing in an informal and powerful way

Achieved : great networking / excitement and fun competitive spirit. Openness and sharing


India Value Fund


India Value Fund hosted a conference for its investee companies. The regatta was engaging and highly involving, breaking barriers and building an open environement to share. After a day of detailed business sessions this was a relaxed way to end on a high note! Ideal for those at the helm every day of their lives – they saw the relevance to their business context, loved the learning and the action. Every one is sure they want to come back for more.

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?

Excellent experience, enjoyed the wind and the team – CEO IFAPL

Thrill and team work – CEO UEM India

Sailing myself within 30 minutes – Sr Associate IVF

Fun filled, relaxing learning experience; first time and started understanding the sailing process – CFO Act

Client 7th Dec, 2013 – Bluesquare Consultants – The Oman Regatta
Client: Bluesquare Consultants
Participants : Trade partners/ media
Objective: showcasing the unknown aspects of Oman
Achieved : an unbeatable association with sailing/ adventure/ outdoors/ discovery – creating interest and excitement in Oman as a destination. The event integrated the destination messaging into the brand experience


Oman 3 Oman 2


Bluesquare consultants held a  Sailing and Cruising Extravaganza at the Mumbai harbour to promote Oman as a tourist destination. . Senior leaders from the travel fraternity and media attended. Oman is not known very well for some of its very attractive and unqiue facets including sailing, great coastline, outdoors and adventure. Also great food and historic highlights. Various features were selected and were woven into the experience. Team names and branding was created based on features to be highlighted such as little known facts like Sindbad The Sailor comes from Sur in Oman. This and other aspects were built into the event so as to promote select cities in a unique and experiential manner. For the well exposed travel trade this was a fantastic experience right here in the heart of Mumbai as they cruised on leisure sailing catamarans and then experienced high powered racing at the Oman Regatta Series. Prize distribution and warm hospitality with gracious gifts and exciting quizzes ended the day on a high. All participants agreed that the experience helped to really want them to showcase Oman to clients

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?

Brilliant Experience!! Can be enjoyed by all age groups – Partner Ahura Travels

It was a wonderful experience – Dy Manager Kuoni

The racing and tacking, jibbing and the boom - Travel Consultant Anderson Travels

I like adventure – sailing is soft adventure with lots of fun, I enjoyed it completely – Beureau head Sampan Media Pvt Ltd



7th Dec, 2013 – Ambit Holdings

Client: Ambit Holdings

Participants : senior employees

Objective: networking and team bonding

Achieved : high motivation and sense of achievement


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Ambit holdings took a group of employees to Alibagh for an offsite.. Before heading back to the work routines Ambit decided to gift its group a wonderful beach sailing experience where people kayaked, windsurfed and dinghy sailed. This experience was the highlight of the trip with most saying they would love to come back for more.

Some quotations and responses to DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE/ WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST?

‘awesome, good clean fun and learning’ AVP – Ambit

Ámazinf, fun. No way it could have been better’ AVP - Ambit

A very unique experience. Looking forward to taking it one step forward next time- VP Ambit

Exhilarating. Enjoyed the hands on participation – COO – Ambit

Fantastic. Very addictive - Ambit