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Valentines’s Day like never before! Make February 14 special like never before! Couples wanting to make the most of Valentines Day-here’s a most unique and romantic way to do so. Book yourself onto one of our world class yachts and sail away into the sunset. The yacht will be navigated by one of our experts and you can revel in the sunlight with only the sound of the waves all around you. Wind it up with a sumptuous meal and a bottle of wine at a classy hotel, all brought to you by Aquasail.

You will not be able to find a better way to celebrate birthdays, (yours or your children’s) than with a beautiful party at our Aquasail Sailing Center at Mandwa Beach (Alibaug). Bring your guests over to spend the day amidst the waves and the sand with the most unique celebrations you could imagine. Try out our world class yachts, kayaks, wind-surfers and fun boats, all under the guidance of our expert skippers in a completely safe and beautiful environment.  Experience has taught us that the only regret of our guests has ever been that the party has to end!

Would you like to learn to sail in the easiest and quickest manner possible? Welcome to the Learn to Dinghy Sail course with the Aquasail Yachting Academy, (AYA) an exciting and cost-effective way of getting afloat to experience the joys of sailing. Not only is this course suitable for adults, it is even more suitable for children from the age of seven onwards.