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Enjoy Aquasail’s diverse equipment from world class dinghies to kayaks to windsurfs, from keel boats to trapeze catamarans all while riding the waves on the sparkling seas of Sundrenched Goa! Drink in the beauty of the imposing hills in the background against the blue skies. Relax and experience the calm of being out on the sea with the sound of waves and wind. After the sail, enjoy Aquasail’s warm hospitality at the Grand Hyatt Goa. Guests are always intrigued by the wonderfully nautically designed Aquasail Sailing Center built with passion and to ensure your complete comfort. It is a MUST DO when you are in Sundrenched Goa, with friends, family or by yourself. GOAquasailing is sure to create a memory. 

Duration: 45mins | 90 mins (11 am – 5pm)

Session Timings: Wind is best post 11 am

The Boats: Laser Pico, Hobie Bravo, Laser Bahia, Hobie Kayak, Neil Pryde Windsurfers, Funboats



Enjoy Aquasail’s world-class diverse equipment from dinghies, kayaks, windsurfs, trapeze catamarans coming from the world’s best brands. Explore different boats at your leisure under the guidance of passionate and highly qualified instructors. Try your hand at helming and sailing yourself on variety of dinghies, kayaks, windsurfers and many more. Open for all ages. Enjoy a full day of unlimited sailing and unlimited boats! Package it with your stay in Mumbai, Mandwa or Goa.

Specifically curated for a jolly good time with your loved ones, book your Discover Sailing  experience now.

Duration: 45mins/90mins (11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.)

Session Timings: Wind is best post 11:00a.m.
The Boats: Laser Pico, Hobie Bravo,  Laser Bahia, Hobie Kayak, Neil Pryde Windsurfers, Funboats
Instructors: Highly qualified. Enjoy helping people discover the joy of sailing

Pick up and drop point: Aquasail Sailing Center, Grand Hyatt, Bambolim Bay, Sundrenched Goa

Venue: Aquasail Sailing Centre, Sundrenched Goa (Opp Guest House No. 4)

Booking options: Per Head

Capacity of boat: 4 guests per boat, multiple boats available

Frequency: 7 days a week Timing: Post 11:00a.m. and closing by 5:00p.m.
Age group: Children and adults – 4+ years


  1. Sailing Essentials & comfort essentials : bottled water, sunscreen, specties, sanitizer & more
  2. Use of Aquasail’s exclusive sailing lounge with shower room, lockers, etc
  3. Safety Essentials : life jackets, helmets, radios, uncompromised as per global standards
  4. 15% discount on F&B and Spa at the Grand Hyatt Goa 
  5. Casino chips 
  6. COVID safety : we follow strict COVID protocol
  7. Quality Assurance : Aquasail’s fleet of 80 boats & safety equipment represent reputed brands. Our procedures are geared for the highest level of customer safety & satisfaction
  8. Highly qualified team
  9. Hospitality : Tea or Coffee along with a Snack at the Grand Hyatt Coffee Shop.

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45 Minutes, 90 Minutes


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