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Why people are sailing and even learning to sail during the pandemic

The lockdown has people yearning to go outdoors. To feel the sun on their faces, to feel free. People are seeking to be active and yet safe. Something that is outdoors and yet does not involve too many other people. Where they can relax or expend energy alone or with people close to them.

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How to Master the Art of Sailing: Expert Tips and Tricks

In a multitude of ways, being on water is the ultimate freedom. Sailing is the perfect water sport to imbibe life skills in you through a journey of self-discovery. Of course, with Aquasail, your initial sailing days will be a success as you adhere to the direction and guidance of our world-class and highly qualifiedContinue reading “How to Master the Art of Sailing: Expert Tips and Tricks”

5 Reasons Why Everyone Must Try Their Hands At Sailing

It comes as no surprise that many of us feel deflated and lethargic as we ride the third wave of the virus making life feel stagnant. For many of us, this past year has unfolded feelings of fear, uncertainty, and isolation, taking a toll on our physical and mental well-being. Are you looking for waysContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Everyone Must Try Their Hands At Sailing”

Conquering The Corporate World And The Sea

Corporate sailing is the best team-building exercise out there and rightly so. Corporate sailing experiences at Aquasail include “team strengthening” exercises and ensures motivation to the employees to self discover their potential.  It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solid leadership. Aquasail has a large and varied fleet andContinue reading “Conquering The Corporate World And The Sea”

Here are 5 expert tips to make your first Sail a smooth one

Ever wondered how it feels to watch the sunset while sipping on your favourite drink, the breeze putting your mind at ease, sailing away from everything chaotic? Sailing on the stretch of the arabian sea, fresh breeze swiftly brushing against your skin, the sun adding its warmth to the overall sailing experience, and for once,Continue reading “Here are 5 expert tips to make your first Sail a smooth one”


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